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YX120-312 R​oofing Ridge Cap Forming Machine

YX120-312 Roofing Ridge Cap Forming Machine

      Roofing ridage cap is one of material from metal roof, ridge cap is only used for roof ridge, it should be matched with steel roof and steel purlin. With ridage cap design, the whole steel building solve the big range roof problem, or the construction will be not strong enough. So our Big Will Industrial Limited YX120-312 roofing ridge cap forming machine was designed according to this standard.

      Glazed ridge cap produced by this kind of machine are looked beautiful, elegant and noble. It can be widely used in garden-style factory, traveling scenic spots, hotel, exhibition center, villa, civil construction and so on.Whole roofing ridge cap forming machine includes: feeding table, roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting device, PLC control sysytem and other assistant component.

Features of Roofing Ridge Cap Forming Machine/Ridge Cap Roll Former

1. Lower cost

2. High efficiency

3. Reliable working

4. Low energy consumption

5. Components of the  Roofing Ridge Cap Forming Machine/Ridge Cap Roll Former

Feeding platform

Automatic cutting systeme

PLC Computer control system

High-precision automatic counter

Productivity: 10-18m/min

Suitable material: colored steel sheet, aluminium steel sheet, and galvanized steel sheet


Optional components of the  Roofing Ridge Cap Forming Machine/Ridge Cap Roll Former

·Manual uncoiler frame in different tons

·Hydraulic automatic uncoiler

Working space and workman for Roofing Ridge Cap Forming Machine/Ridge Cap Roll Former

1. Ground-level land

2. ≥5T overhead travelling crane

3. Space for storing the material

4. Space for laying the machine

5. Road for vehicle moving

6. Workman: 2 operators


Picture for some parts




Packaging & Shipping

      Usually the roof ridge cap making machine can be packed into one 20' feet container or 40' feet container. We have good relationship with the shipping agent. Either you can find the shipping line at your side or we can help you.


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