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High Speed Prefab House Steel House Villa Framing Roll Forming Machine

High Speed Prefab House Steel House Villa Framing Roll Forming Machine

Machine Key Advantage

1. For producing wall system,the capacity can be 600-720m/hour
2. Forming Speed: 2700m/hour;
3 . Whole line producing capacity: max 5-8ton/8hour;
4. Continue punching Squre bigger hole, not block;
5. Vertical Keel hat can be inserted into the bottom of horizontal purlin, more strong joint for supporting whole frame system (This our patent, only our machine product can reach)
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Big Will Industrial Limited is the outstanding factory that for working on light steel house purlin roll forming machine. This roll forming machine is special design for light steel house, it can save much more for preparing steel house machining list, Our light steel house purlin roll forming machine can give out material list and arrange purlin producing task by the software system itself automatically.

2. Machining raw material parameter



Purlin Size


Suitable material

G550 high tension grade plate/zinc coated plate/aluminum-zinc coated plate

Tension grade

350MPa-550MPa(G450 middle-carbon steel is more better)

Material thickness


Material width


3. Producing line parameter

3.1 Uncoier

3.2 Punching device (6sets)

3.3 Roll forming machine (1 set)

3.4 Hydraulic station (1 set)


3.5  Design software (1 set)

3.6 Control system (1 set)

3.7 Inkjet printer


3.8 Project sample

Steel house Frame System Sample

steel frame.jpglight steel house.jpg

Light Steel house’s advantage

1)Light steel structure’s technical and product is very mature, can be produced batch and batch.

2)Long usage life. Normally, it can be used about 275 years (this date from North America).

3)Light steel construction house is more better for anti-earthquake, the house won’t fall down until the earthquake lower than 9th class.

4)Can bear strong wind well: our light steel construction can bear 12 class strong wind (1.5KN/m2)

5)Light steel house is good for enviroment, it can be moved and the building material can be reclycled.

6) Light steel house structure itself weight is ligt, only about 1/4 compare to concrecte structure, so the foundation is more easy to build.

7) Compare to wood house, light steel structure house is good for anti white ant.

8)The whouse house is stable and low cost.

9)Light steel structure inside space cover is more bigger than concrete building

10) Light steel building’s fitting part is easy for batch producing in factory

11)Light steel house can be finished in more short days to keep around enviroment in low noise

12) Light steel house is good for keep enviorment clean and less waste

13) The concrete building need about 40years drying completely, so the house will be wet and not good for human health. Also the light steel wall only need a little place, so it can save land space for building wall.

14) All the material for light steel house are machined in factory batch by batch, the accuracy is more better to ensure the house quality,other traditional construction type have no idea to reach like this.